Zeviar Vega Experts have extensive knowledge and experience with curative plants and their cultivation.

Terpene Profiling

Our lab equipment can provide full terpene and cannabinoid profiling for cannabis flower. This indicates THC, CBD, and CBN percent levels and terpene amounts. 


Proper lighting is a crucial element of any growing environment. From the strong natural light of the sun to high tech grow lights, we have the answers you need.


Soil is an important part of plant growth as it provides the nutrients needed to survive and thrive. Zeviar Vega offers expert advice on soil conditions and nutrients.

Plant Care

We offer exclusive care services and advice curated to the individual needs of each area. Our experts have unmatched experience and knowledge of conscious growing practices.

Seed Access

.Zeviar Vega's extensive seed catalogues contain heirloom and hybrid seeds for outdoor organic growing. Contact us for more information on our various strains.


With the high value found in salubrious plants, strong security is essential. Zeviar Vega can provide assistance with professional garden security.

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