Throughout the year Zeviar Vega cultivates various therapeutic and medicinal plants. Operating as an all natural and organic garden, Zeviar Vega grows seasonally from spring to fall with the exception of some plants that are continually cultivated through winter. The seasonal cannabis garden flourishes throughout the beautiful Okanagan summers and always provides an exceptional Fall Harvest. 

​Spring / Summer

From April to May the garden begins from seeds that are germinated and grown in our heated greenhouses. In mid May, when the plants  have grown a strong foundation and the weather becomes sustainable, the plants are transferred to our outdoor organic garden. It it here where our plants will develop fully throughout summer and early fall.

Fall / Winter

As summer winds down and the temperature starts to drop our plants are curated and prepared for harvest. As fall sets in, the garden is harvested and prepped for the next growing season. Through winter our outdoor garden is dormant and only a select few plants will remain in our heated greenhouses.

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