Our Services

Zeviar Vega offers a variety of botanical services ranging from seed access to gardening consultations. We pride ourselves in offering great quality products with reliable and trusted services.


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Plant Care

Growing the Perfect Plants for Your Needs


Zeviar Vega takes pride in providing the best care taking services and advice for therapeutic plant care. From seed to harvest, our plants are always well-kept with superior cultivation techniques and provided favorable reverence. We offer a wide variety of up-keep services, as well as advice and consultations. Contact us for more information pertaining to your specific growing needs.

Seed Bank

Natural and Organic Seeds for Starting Off Right


The Zeviar Vega seed bank holds an extensive assortment of flower, herb, fruit and vegetable seeds. Each seed holds significant potential to grow to fully conscious plants that produce magnificent yields. Zeviar Vega seeds are specially curated for natural, organic, outdoor growing conditions in the Okanagan temperate zone. Given proper care and attention, these seeds will thrive with extensive growth.

Cannabis Lab Testing

Terpene Profiling With THC and CBD Content Analysis

Zeviar Vega offers testing of cannabis flower. Our equipment can provide full terpene profiling. This indicates THC, CBD, and CBN percent levels as well as different terpene amounts. This information can be used to differentiate between cannabis strains and help to determine the corresponding aromas, and effects. If you'd like more information on our lab testing, contact us to receive a free quote and recommendation.

Botanical Garden 

Beautiful Well Kept Garden of Consciousness 

Zeviar Vega experts work with other hobby gardeners to brings together various therapeutic species in a mindful environment. Special care is given to each plant in the hobby garden, ensuring optimal growing conditions. From spring to fall the outdoor space transforms from a young open area to a flourishing jungle. As these plants grow and thrive, they help to create the calming, tranquil environment portrayed throughout the garden.

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