Zeviar Vega recognizes the medicinal and therapeutic properties of various plants. Through our garden and seed bank, we strive to provide our customers with access to all!

Our Vision

At Zeviar Vega we understand the full potential of conscious awareness and harness that potential in the cultivation of our sacred plants. Knowing that these plants are responsive to their surroundings  and cognizant of the atmosphere around them, we provide the greatest level of respect and care for them to thrive. 

About Us:​

Zeviar Vega is a small, family business working professionally in the cannabis industry to produce quality products for the newly emerging market. We are committed to providing expert services to the new hobby gardener. Growing with the idea that these plants are conscious of their surroundings and are fully aware of the great principle of being with all of its ramifications. Our heirloom seeds have been handed down through generations over the past four to five decades coming mainly up the west coast of South America into Mexico, the US, and eventually the west coast of Canada to form some of the great strains referred to today as “BC Bud”. Over The years, we have shaped some of the heartiest hybrids grown in the North-Okanagan region of British Columbia.

Seed Bank

The Zeviar Vega seed bank holds an extensive assortment of flower, herb, fruit and vegetable seeds. Each seed holds significant potential to grow to fully conscious plants that produce magnificent yields... Read More

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