Currently in development.

Zeviar Vega is currently in development stages as we work to restructure our operation. We continue to provide the high quality services and products that our members have come to know and love. We are actively working to provide a better experience for our clients. You can check out our latest news updates here as we progress with our plans, or feel free to contact us with the link below.



Zeviar Vega operates out of Vernon, British Columbia. Their curated plant genetics have been grown and developed specifically for the temperate North Okanagan region. These strains thrive all throughout the Okanagan Valley and flourish to amazing extremes in similar outdoor climates. Zeviar Vega also operates an american division based out of Altadena in the Los Angeles County of California.

Zeviar Vega Botanica

Vernon, British Columbia

Altadena, California

Tel:         1-250-309-5773
US:          1-213-321-4431



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